"Divine Light and Love, ego and personality aside.....reiki on!" Pure of heart, and with noble intentions, discover and explore your life's journey. Do you have questions about where you have been, or need guidance regarding the path you are walking? Realize your life's meaning and live to the fullest with the truth and knowledge that Spirit provides.

International Psychic Medium Melanie Rimkus is well known in the Buffalo and Western New York area. Melanie uses her intuitive psychic abilities to see into the past and the future to help people understand their life's path. Melanie also offers readings using oracle and tarot cards which visually connect her with Spirit. Melanie's readings do not originate with her, but with Spirit that with love and light may guide you to your true life's meaning. Melanie is also a certified Reiki practitioner, which is a Japanese healing art that helps restore balance to your physical body by aligning your chakras using universal life force energy.

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Melanie on WKBW Channel 7 AM Buffalo