Upcoming Events

Kokoro Retreat - Beaver Hollow, NY

This two-day retreat is help connect the pathways between the mind, body, and soul.

Advanced Reiki Techniques Workshop - Lilydale, NY August 10, 2018

This hands-on workshop is beneificial for any Reiki practitioner, and will cover the use of chakra stones, pendulums, noise vibration, negative energy clearing, and "AcuReiki" techniques that can be used in conjunction with Reiki. The only prerequisite to this workshop is prior attunement to Reiki. Any level Reiki experience is welcome. We will outline different techniques of enhancing and improving the Reiki experience for both the practitioner and the client. This workshop build off the foundation of traditional Reiki and will teach techniques that enhance Reiki that is already present in the student. This workshop includes a manual, a chakra stone kit, and a certificate of completion. The techniques will be practiced in the workshop so that the students themselves will not only be able to perform the techniques properly but also experience the effect of the techniques. Please dress comfortably for getting on and off the Reiki table.